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Clearwire announces layoffs and cost cuts as it looks for funding

The claims of T-Mobile notwithstanding, Clearwire’s WiMax network represents the only operational 4G mobile network in the United States, and the company just lit up the New York City area and plans to bring important markets like San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles online by the end of the year. So the company ought to be rolling in money, right? Not so. Although Clearwire says it saw record subscriber and revenue growth in the third quarter of 2010, the company is struggling to find the money to continue its rollout of WiMax services. Until Clearwire can secure that money, it’s taking some “cash conservation steps,” including laying off some 15 percent of its workforce.

“While we continue to exceed our subscriber and operational goals, we have not yet secured future funding and prudence dictates that we take appropriate cash conservation steps to reduce costs,” said Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow, in a statement. “We remain cautiously optimistic that we will resolve our short-term funding needs in the near future.”

If Clearwire continues on its present court, the company may run out of cash my the middle of 2011. The layoffs and new cost reduction measures should save Clearwire between $100 and $200 million in the first half of next year, but Clearwire indicates that won’t be enough to cover its expenses. Morrow says almost all options are on the table for securing future funding, including debt and equity deals—which would have the company sell off portions of itself in exchange for capital—as well as a sale of excess spectrum or other assets. Clearwire hasn’t said how much cash it needs, but reports have the company mulling potential spectrum license sales to the likes of AT&T and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), which could net up to $5 billion.

Mobile operator Sprint is Clearwire’s majority shareholder, with a 54 percent stake in the company. Clearwire acquired over $1.5 billion from Sprint and other investors last year; since then, investors like Comcast have indicated that they are unlikely to continue to pour money into Clearwire.

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The new Moto E with 4G LTE costs just $100 at Verizon, Sprint, and other prepaid carriers
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Motorola has launched a new Moto E smartphone, and this time it comes with 4G LTE connectivity. The official announcement comes after a series of leaks, and a brief tease of the product launch over the weekend.  The phone has been updated in several different ways, and here's what you need to know.

Updated on 03-12-2015 by Malarie Gokey: Added news of Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile availability and pricing.
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Motorola has increased the screen size to 4.5-inches for the new Moto E, but has decided to keep the same 960 x 540 pixel resolution. It's covered in a Gorilla Glass panel to keep it safe, and apparently the body has a water repellent coating. That's not the same thing as the Moto E being waterproof though, so don't go dropping it in the bath.

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This new smartphone gives you cool iPhone 5C looks and Galaxy S4 specs for just $160
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Meizu has announced the M1 Note, a new smartphone designed to take on the Xiaomi Redmi Note. While the popular Xiaomi phone is well-priced and comparatively well-specced, Meizu’s phone goes a step beyond. It maintains the low cost, but boosts the majority of the specifications, to make a phone which on paper, appears to be almost too good to be true.

The M1 Note’s screen measures 5.5-inches, matching the Redmi Note, but has a 1080p resolution. It’s also one of Sharp’s energy efficient IGZO panels, and has a 400ppi pixel density. Meizu has chosen the MediaTek MT6752 processor to power the M1 Note - a 64-bit, 2GHz chip with 2GB of RAM.

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Sprint’s 4G LTE service expands into 70 new markets

Announced within an official Sprint press release earlier today, the wireless network provider has rolled out 4G LTE service in 70 new markets this month. While still lagging behind Verizon and AT&T in regards to total coverage within North America, the addition of major markets like San Diego, St. Louis and Orlando as well as many other areas will potentially help Sprint regain market share around the United States. 
Speaking about the addition of the 70 new markets, Sprint chief network officer Bob Azzi said "In the growing number of markets where the upgrades are nearly complete, our customers are noticing. Re-engineering our entire network has been a big undertaking, but now it’s delivering tangible benefits to our customers." 
Azzi continued "With the announcement of Sprint Spark, the increasing availability of 4G LTE and the improvements we have made to our voice network, we’re full speed ahead for 2014."
You can find the full list of new markets below, organized by U.S. state.

Decatur Florence/Muscle Shoals

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