Use your PC or Mac to cool off with this USB-powered fan and air purifier from Satechi

cool off with this usb fanair purifier using your pc or mac air and fan

USB-powered computer accessories can range from awesome to weird, and anywhere in between. Just take a look at this ThinkGeek page for further proof. However, if you’re looking for ways to cool off during these hot summer months and you don’t have access to an AC for whatever reason, check out this combo fan/air-purifier from Satechi that you can plug right into your Mac or PC.

Satechi calls it the Mini USB Air Purifier and Fan; no frills on the name there. Satechi claims that this gizmo will remove any odors and “irritants” from the air around you, including dust, pet dander, and allergens. You can switch between air purifier and fan modes by pulling out and sliding in the unit’s rear. When pushed in, it cleans the air. Extend the back out and it starts cooling you. This thing is not complicated at all.

The Mini USB Air Purifier and Fan packs a built-in battery, so you don’t need to keep it plugged into a USB port indefinitely, which is nice, especially if you’re already low on ports to begin with.  Satechi also claims that this USB-powered creature comfort runs silently.

The Mini USB Air Purifier and Fan is available right now for $39.99. You can grab it from Amazon or directly from Satechi.

Check out the Satechi Mini USB Air Purifier and Fan in action in the clip below from YouTube.