Corsair Offers Eco-Friendly Power Supplies

Corsair Offers Eco-Friendly Power Supplies

Computer component maker Corsair is doing its bit to reduce to the power demands computers place on the environment and infrastructures by introducing its VX series eco-friendly power supplies. The 450VX and 550VX—450 watts and 550 watts, respectively—support the Energy Star 2007 standard and offer a quiet, efficient design aimed at mainstream computer users.

“Corsair has engineered a power supply that appeals to both the enthusiast as well as the cost conscious system builder,” said Jack Peterson, Corsair’s VP of Marketing, in a release. “We leveraged everything we learned from our award-winning HX Series of modular power supplies to build the most reliable, Eco-friendly value priced PSU in the market.”

The VX series power supplies use a single +12 Volt power rail, and the company claims they offer energy efficiency upwards of 80 percent under a variety of load conditions; improved efficiency means less heat dissipation, which means computers don’t have to work as hard to keep cool and, therefore, consumer less power overall. The VX series power supplies offer Active Power Correction, as a thermally-controlled 120mm double ball-bearing fan managed airflow with minimal noise.

The 450VX and 550VX are priced at $85.99 and $99.99, respectively, and are available now through authorized distributors and retailers. While replacing a power supply isn’t something recommended for everyday computer users, tool-bearing enthusiasts shouldn’t have much trouble with the job, and every bit of power savings help, especially for systems left running 24/7.

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