Dell doesn’t expect Steam Machines to make a lot of money

at long last valve begins taking preorders for steam machines alienware machine

Though Valve and its PC manufacturing partners have built up plenty of of hype and enthusiasm around fortcoming Steam Machines, an employee of one of the world’s biggest computer manufacturers expressed serious doubt as to whether the Steam OS-powered rigs will catch on with consumers once they start launching.

“It’s going to be very challenging,” Frank Azor, general manager of Dell’s Alienware division said when speaking to the Wall Street Journal. “This will absolutely be the least profitable system we ever sell.”

Those are harsh words considering that Valve, Dell and other PC makers have put a significant amount of effort and investment behind the Steam Machine. Azor’s comments are also a bit confusing, considering that he sang a different tune when speaking with PC Gamer on the very same subject.

“Alienware is very optimistic about PC gaming’s future and its opportunity to extend to the TV. We have been partners with Valve since the inception of the Steam Machine over two years ago,” Azor says. “Our decision to invest in developing the purpose-built Alienware Steam Machine, pairing it with incredible performance and pricing it as aggressively as possible has everything to do with how much we believe in this vision and want to see it materialize.”

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see whether these somewhat upgradeable pseudo-PCs will catch on.

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