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Dell partners up with the Alliance for Wireless Power

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The Alliance for Wireless Power has just added another big-name partner to its roster of associates: Dell, one of the world’s biggest PC manufacturers. The Alliance for Wireless Power, or A4WP for short, announced today that Dell is the first major PC maker to adopt a wireless charging standard. Cord cutting aficionados are no doubt thrilled about this news.

Among the A4WP’s other partners include Intel, Samsung, LG, SanDisk and other big-name tech firms. The A4WP is in the midst of standardizing Rezence, a method of wireless power transfer which employs near-field magnetic resonance tech. According to the A4WP, Rezence will be able to charge multiple devices at the same time, while also claiming that Rezence will “meet the expectations of today’s ‘always on, always connected’ user.”

“The development of magnetic resonance technology will improve the customer experience when it comes to wireless charging and bring the capability into more homes and businesses over the next few years,” said Glen Robson, Dell VP and CTO. “We are excited to work with other industry leaders in the A4WP to deliver on the promise of easy, flexible wireless charging across an array of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.”

Though it’s unclear when wirelessly charging Dell notebooks and other similarly-equipped gear could start hitting the market, that doesn’t make the notion of wirelessly charging laptops less intriguing. However, we truly wonder whether such tech would be able to keep up with the charging speeds of the old fashioned combo of cord and power brick.

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