Dell Pumps Up the Pixels in the XPS M1730s

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In September 2007, Dell decided to specifically compete with its own in-house boutique computer brand Alienware by launching the XPS M1730 notebook, a powerhouse system featuring a 17-inch display, cranked-up Core 2 Duo processors, dual drive configurations, and a bevy of ports. Also available in a custom-themed World of Warcraft edition, the original XPS M1730s sported Mvidia GeForce 8700M GS graphics controllers with Nvidia SLI technology and an Ageia PhysX processing unit; now, Dell is cranking up the XPS M1730s with an option for Nvidia 8800M GTX with dual SLI technology, which the company claims offers a 49 percent increase in benchmark video performance over the 8700M.

“The XPS M1730 has been recognized as the standard for gaming laptops,” said head of Dell’s XPS group Glen Robson, in a statement sent by email. “With the addition dual GeForce 8800M GTX graphics with NVIDIA SLI technology, the XPS M1730 delivers DX10 gaming performance approaching high end desktops.”

The Nvidia 8800M GTX with SLI technology will be available for the XPS M1730 notebooks for $700; Dell also says it will offer a graphics upgrade program for owners of current XPS M1730 notebooks, although the details and pricing haven’t been announced.