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Can’t be at the DNC? Watch it in 360-degree virtual reality instead

digital domain dnc virtual reality screen shot 2016 07 26 at 1 35 15 pm
Wish you were in Philadelphia right now experiencing all the booing of the Democratic National Convention in person? Well, now you can be part of the action, sorta. It’s all thanks to Digital Domain and its curated live-stream of the 2016 DNC in 360-degree virtual reality. This marks the first time that the convention will be made available in such a medium, and continues with this year’s political trend of truly embracing technology. After all, with Twitter live-streams, robot reporters, and the like, it’s almost — almost — as though American politics has entered the 21st century!

Digital Domain will make a free video stream available both by way of the DNC mobile apps (available on the iOS App Store and Google Play), as well as the official DNC website and YouTube channel. Viewers will be privy to 360-degree camera views, and highlight videos will also be made available for on-demand viewing.

“Politics has always been shaped by grassroots activism, and using this new immersive technology gives everyday voters a chance to feel more connected to the candidates and their speeches than ever before,” said Daniel Seah, CEO of Digital Domain Holdings Limited. “We are proud to partner with a renowned organization like the DNC to share the 2016 convention with virtual reality audiences worldwide.”

Indeed, this year’s conventions have already attracted more attention than any in recent memory, and it seems that plenty of people will be interested in tuning in and getting a sense of the convention grounds.

“For a nation of voters, and particularly millennials, virtual reality and immersive video are becoming commonplace in this modern era,” said Andrew Binns, chief innovation officer for the Democratic National Convention Committee.

“Digital Domain has provided this crucial aspect to our suite of coverage, providing a high-tech element that builds excitement and helps drive viewership and potentially even voter turnout.”

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