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Don’t blink, Microsoft just sold out of even more Surface Books

Microsoft Surface Book
It was only a couple of weeks ago that we reported that all of the pre-order versions of Microsoft’s Surface Book had completely sold out, and that was even before stock had arrived anywhere. Fortunately Microsoft was quick to address the situation and allocated some extra stock to the U.S. to guarantee availability for those who wanted one. That’s still the case today with many Surface Books still available, but not for one very specific configuration.

One of the more attractive entry level models Microsoft announced lately was a Surface Book that featured the dedicated Nvidia GPU, at the same price tag as those without it. It just didn’t come with the expanded storage of the higher end versions. That made its $1,700 price tag very attractive for those that could make do with a 128GB SSD or planned to upgrade later.

As attractive as that may be, the version has been completely pulled from Microsoft’s official site, so for now there’s no chance of getting one.

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There may not ever be a chance to get one in the future another either, as previously Microsoft has simply listed products as out of stock. This one almost seems like it never existed. It did, though, as just to be sure Windows Central got in touch with Microsoft to confirm our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us. It confirmed that that version of the Surface Book was out of stock, but it didn’t say anything about it becoming available again in the future.

“We made a limited number of 128 GB Core i5 dGPU Surface Book SKUs available in the U.S. and quickly sold through stock. Microsoft will fulfil orders of the product, and customers can expect shipment notices upon the time of shipment,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Of course, there are plenty of other options for those still interested, you just need to plan on spending at least $1,900 to get a version with the dedicated graphics chip now. You do get 256GB of storage in that model, so that’s something.

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