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Facebook is more addictive than sex and cigarettes


While we already knew that social networks like Facebook produce drugged-up, sex-crazed teenagers, new research shows that Facebook addiction may be soon be more prevalent than offline addictions like sex. The Internet Time Machine, a company that searches for trends across the Web through its extensive cloud computing network, is reporting that Facebook may be more popular than sex.

Addiction to social media, specifically Facebook, is one of the top ranked digital addictions, says the trending company. More people are searching for help with Facebook addiction than sex addiction.


“The rise of social media and the fear/need to be in constant contact with status updates and tweets has created a problem for people with addictive personalities,” says ITM. “The fact that accessing Facebook is so easy no on mobile or tablet devices only feed the addiction.  New TV sets are being sold now with Facebook and social media widgets built into the remote control.  The need to be updating and “in a loop” is growing ever more important as websites and people flood social media with messages, drowning out personal accounts and peoples interests.”

Unfortunately, still topping the list of addictions is alcohol addiction. Drug addictions like heroin and Oxycotin rank highly as well. Facebook ranked as the 16th highest search trend, ranking above cigarettes, sex, and many other forms of addiction. Worldwide, people have searched for “Internet Facebook addiction” 121.8 million times in recent days.

Do you know anyone who is addicted to the Internet or addicted to a social networking site like Facebook, or is this more of a fad than anything else? And what about the news that Facebook actually kickstarts sex in a relationship? Could Facebook be fueling other forms of addiction?

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