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360-degree documentary 'Follow My Lead' puts viewers in the arena for the NBA Finals

The National Basketball Association has teamed up with Oculus to release a 25-minute virtual reality documentary about last year’s championship series. Follow My Lead: The Story of the 2016 NBA Finals is a 360-degree video experience that charts the entire seven-game series between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The film demonstrates how VR technology might be used to augment traditional video experiences. Follow My Lead was shot with 360-degree cameras, so viewers can turn their heads while watching to see any aspect they like of any given scene.

This means that you can immerse yourself in the crowd and see how others react when LeBron James pulls off a particularly impressive dunk. Some more unusual moments were also captured — the memorable tumble taken by a cameraman during Game 6 is apparently even more visible than it was on the television broadcast.

Creed and The Wire actor Michael B. Jordan was called upon to provide narration for the documentary. Meanwhile Brooklyn-based outfit m ss ng p eces — perhaps best known for working on the video for Daydreaming from Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool album — handled production duties.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether Follow My Lead starts a trend of documentary content designed to be viewed using VR hardware. Despite the film’s lengthy runtime, watching it in this format is apparently not as conducive to headaches and discomfort as you might expect, according to a report from Engadget.

Follow My Lead is an ideal way to relive the conclusion of last year’s championship series before the 2016-17 season gets underway next month. The film has been designed to be viewed on the Samsung Gear VR headset, and is available now as a free download via the Oculus Store.

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Nvidia is replacing its crusty, Windows XP-era app with something much better
A screenshot of the Nvidia app.

Nvidia's latest announcement is one that many of us have been waiting for. The company is releasing a new software solution that will, hopefully, one day replace the Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience. Dubbed simply "Nvidia App," the software is now in beta and is available for testing.

Those of us who own some of Nvidia's top GPUs (or even some of the worst ones) are forced to use the Nvidia Control Panel for tuning things like display settings, game performance, and monitor refresh rates. Meanwhile, GeForce Experience optimizes game settings and provides an in-game overlay that can be used for things like recording bits of your gameplay. The lack of a unified app can get confusing and annoying to those who aren't familiar with it.

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Get $500 off the Dell XPS 15 with an RTX 4050 and 1TB SSD
Dell XPS 15 9530 front angled view showing display and keyboard deck.

There's no shortage of laptop deals out there, but only a few can match the value of Dell's offer for the Dell XPS 15. The version of the device with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card and a 1TB SSD, originally priced at $1,999, is on sale for $1,499 following a $500 discount. It's still not cheap, but it's one of the top laptops in the market right now so you know that you'll be getting your money's worth. You need to act fast though, because once stocks get sold out, we're not sure if you'll get another chance at making this purchase.

Why you should buy the Dell XPS 15 laptop
The Dell XPS 15 will soon be replaced by the Dell XPS 14 in the upcoming Dell XPS reset, despite reigning over our roundup of the best 15-inch laptops. Before the model is discontinued, don't miss this opportunity to get dependable laptop featuring a 15.6-inch screen with Full HD+ resolution and powered by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card. Combined with the 13th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, this version of the Dell XPS 15 offers fantastic performance that will boost your productivity and creativity, and it can even function as a gaming laptop to play the best PC games at low to medium settings.

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One of the great rivalries in PCs could collapse
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger stands in front of a blue and purple background.

Intel always competes against AMD, both make some of the best processors, and the sky is blue -- what else is new? Well, it turns out that one of those statements might not be as true as it was just last week. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed that Intel's own fabs are open to making chips for some of the biggest companies in tech, and that even includes its long-standing rival AMD.

Gelsinger spoke during the first Intel Foundry Direct Connect in San Jose, California, about the operations of its new fab, which Intel itself refers to as a "more sustainable system foundry business designed for the AI era." Intel has big plans for its foundry, with a goal to beat its biggest rival TSMC in advanced chip manufacturing by 2025. The company reportedly hopes to be making the world's fastest chips already this year with its Intel 18A manufacturing technology. Beyond that, Intel hopes to widen the gap with its new 14A technology in 2026.

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