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Gartner says PC shipments will rebound next year

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook front
Much has been said about the supposed death of the PC. However, according to market research firm Gartner, the fall of total PC shipments is expected to slow considerably this year, with shipments significantly rebounding next year in 2015.

“2014 will be marked by a relative revival of the global PC market,” says Ranjit Atwal, who is Gartner’s research director. After falling 9.5 percent in 2013, the worldwide PC market is on track to shrink by only 2.9 percent this year. Though that may not sound like great news, when it comes to big wounds, the bleeding usually slows down before it comes to a complete stop. Plus, it gets better next year, Gartner says.

According to the company’s data, shipments will rise from roughly 308 million this year, to about 316 million next year. If that occurs, that would return annual PC shipments to a number that’s close to 2013 levels. That year, there were roughly 317 million shipments of PCs globally.

Part of the reason for this mini revival has to do with Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP, an operating system that remains popular with PC users, despite the fact that it’s over a decade old.

“Business upgrades from Windows XP and the general business replacement cycle will lessen the downward trend, especially in Western Europe,” Atwal said. “This year, we anticipate nearly 60 million professional PC replacements in mature markets.”

We’ll just have to wait and see how the story plays out, and whether Gartner’s numbers will be on the money or not.

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