Gateway Adds Color to M- and T-Series

Gateway Adds Color to M- and T-Series

If Garnet Red and Pacific Blue weren’t quite cutting it for you as color selections on Gateway notebooks, the latest news out of the company may just tickle your eye’s fancy. Gateway announced on Thursday that its M-Series and T-Series notebooks are getting a new splash of color, including the delicious-sounding rich Merlot, the flashy luminous Silver, and the somewhat-confusing Arctic Bloom.

The M-Series notebooks, already home to the aforementioned red and blue, will take on Merlot and Silver, while both the M- and T-Series will have the option of Arctic Bloom, which looks a bit like a design you could make using flowers as stencils and about five different cans of bluish spraypaint.

“Our customers responded so well to the jewel-toned colors we introduced last fall that we’re expanding the line to offer customers even more choices in a PC that reflects their individuality and tastes,” said Todd Titera, Gateway senior manager, notebook PCs, in a statement. “These new colors – Merlot, Silver and especially Arctic Bloom – have their own unique personality to please the fashion conscious and style-minded.”

Like previous color options, the new notebooks will also use Gateway’s InFuse color process, which injects the color directly into the surface of the notebook, then covers it with a glossy coat. None of the color options will cost any more than the base notebooks, which run between $799.99 and $1,399.99.

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