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Screw Farmville — you can now ride a snorting, drifting farm tractor in VR

Dorfdrift – spektakulär kurze Lieferwege
Sunshine, haystacks, fertilized fields — these pastoral features evoke a feeling of calm, productivity, and pride. But regardless of how appealing you might find the everyday activities of those who live off the land, it may feel like a hassle to try it out yourself. After all, the reality is that it an be very smelly and difficult work. You could also just be looking for a departure from your daily grind, but what do we know? Well, we know that you may not have to look much further than your pocket for that experience now, while avoiding the lingering effects of manure on your boots.

The Oculus Store for Gear VR now offers a complete 360-degree recording of a farm tractor’s daily tasks. Released with the title Dorfdrift, is a video was produced by Edeka, a large German supermarket chain. Perhaps you think you’ll be riding along the tractor to farm fresh vegetables and fruit, enjoy the sunny weather and almost smell the mud lingering in the air. Think again.

Dorfdrift’s official description reads: “Where do all the vegetables come from? Dive into the world of lightning fast fresh vegetables delivery of the Edeka market. Take a ride alongside the tuned farm tractor with a 450hp engine delivering fresh apples to your local store.” The above video is the original advertisement from last year, and it should give you a sense of what to expect from the VR version.

Since we’re all professionals here, we decided to dive into this experience of overpowered tractors to see if it’s worth your time. In the name of science, of course. While it’s highly dubious as to whether doing drifts on the field is a standard practice in farm life, it certainly had a lot of entertainment value. We believe that a four-wheeled monster farming machine shredding the mud is a worthwhile watch, though we’d recommend you stay away from the video if you have an easy time getting motion sick in VR. If you’re looking for other odd experiences for your Gear VR, you can always try out BUTTS.

The virtual tractor video can be downloaded for free from the Oculus Store for Gear VR.

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