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Gear VR blessed with BUTTS: The VR Experience, among other new content

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In perhaps the most riveting news story of the decade century, a slew of new content was released on Gear VR today in addition to some tempting promotions. But most importantly, BUTTS!

That’s right, BUTTS: The VR Experience is now available on the Oculus Store, free of charge. It’s a colorful animated short that deals with the realest of the real issues such as love, trust, and “learning what it’s like to be free,” according to the game’s description. BUTTS comes from filmmaker Tyler Hurd, whose past projects include the PlayStation 4 “Greatness Awaits” trailer in addition to a Pokémon X & Y TV advert.

“Full of brightness and bliss,” the description reads, “[BUTTS] will make you laugh and cry, and will return you to a place of childlike bliss.”

Truly profound.


That’s not all, however, as the Gear VR catalog expansion also includes two games, Escape Velocity and Neverout, as well as an interactive video called Nomades.

Escape Velocity looks to be a sci-fi exploration game taking place in the year 2038. As an astronaut, you’re tasked with a “routine mission” to the International Space Station, but unfortunately, that doesn’t totally go as you would hope. Instead, you’ll be virtually performing a spacewalk to get yourself back to safety.

Escape Velocity is available starting today for $2.99.


Neverout, on the other hand, is a puzzle game that places you in a tiny room in which you must find your way out. For claustrophobes like myself, that sounds truly revolting. Otherwise, the developer Setapp warns that players should keep in mind “the rooms are not what they appear to be.”

Neverout will set you back an extravagant $7.99 on the Oculus Store.


Lastly, Nomades, like BUTTS, is available for free, though this title is classified as an interactive video. Centered on a character called BUNNI (yes, in all caps), Nomades takes you underwater, educating you on the consequences of pollution in a number of different settings, including coral reefs, waters overrun by sharks, and even ice-coated seas.


Other updates to Gear VR content include a 50 percent off discount on both Anshar Wars 2 and Audio Arena, effective until February 3.

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