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Dan Isacsson

Dan Isacsson


Being a gamer since the age of three, Dan took an interest in mobile gaming back in 2009. Since then he's been digging ever deeper into the possibilities of mobile tech and has his head full considering the possibilities of virtual reality. Every other week or so he ponders whether buying a Chromebook was a good idea. Usually the answer is: Yes, for writing.

micron 3d nand ssds increased capacity solid state hard drive

Think your solid state drive is fast? It has nothing on MRAM

The memory that reads and writes data in our wearables is getting old. Say hello to the future of wearable memory.
apple planet of the apps casting

App developers wanted for Apple’s first reality TV series, ‘Planet of the Apps’

Apple is getting ready to enter television, and with 'Planet of the Apps' it wants to show a hundred developers working on something for their platform.
world of warcraft abusive chat silence wowlegion feat

Abusive chat should drop after ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ pre-expansion patch

Blizzard "only" took 10 years to implement a silencing system for abusive language in World of Warcraft, but it's getting serious with its latest patch.
pokemon go robberies onphone feat

Filter away Pokémon With PokeGone, the Chrome extension that offers relief

As the internet continues its craze on Pokémon it may come as a relief that a new Chrome extension lets you filter away whatever Pokémon references you want.
tedtalks vr last medium chrismilk feat

Within CEO Chris Milk says VR will be ‘the last medium’ at TEDTalks

The CEO of Within took to the stage and showed the audience why he believes the virtual frontier could represent the last medium in history.
pokemon go ban location spoofing gbpokemon header

Faking locations in Pokémon Go is a bad idea, unless you want to be banned

A game like Pokémon Go relies on the real-life interaction between players, so when a cheater does everything from their couch the developer sends a ban.
kamen prosthetic arm luke 2

After 10 years of development, Dean Kamen's futuristic prosthetic arm is now available for pre-order

From moving by leaning to creating artificial limbs that extend an amputee's bodily functions, the segway inventor's prosthetic arm is coming this year.
deloitte survey shows augmented reality widespread pokemongo feat

Nintendo shares skyrocket in the wake Of ‘Pokémon Go’ release

Pokémon GO is already a global phenomenon, and not just to the millions of people that are running around outside, but also to Nintendo which it may save.
copoka bird revolution screenshot

Follow a city In political turmoil as a nest-building bird in 'Copoka'

Taking on the role of a nest building bird, 'Copoka' lets you fly around a totalitarian state and follow the progress as a revolution threatens.
nextbit battery life software full  icon

Software may make your battery last longer if Nextbit has its way

Battery life is a constant pain as we try to stay in touch with each other, Nextbit is trying to solve this problem from a different angle: software.
hotline miami 2 editor released cover face

The promised level editor has finally come to 'Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number'

It's been a year since the release of Dennaton Games' murder fest, and at long last the long-promised level editor is here.
rez infinite release date vr ps eu blog image

Lose your senses to 'Rez Infinite' in VR this October

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's coming remaster of his masterpiece, Rez, will launch on October 13, 2016, alongside Sony's PlayStation VR.
ps neo not replace ps4 sony playstation 4 side 1500x1000

PlayStation Neo 'is still PS4,' says Shuhei Yoshida

Sony announced the PlayStation Neo ahead of E3 2016, and now the President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, confirms that it's an improved PS4.

‘About a third’ of Valve’s employees are working on VR

The company behind the world's largest digital game distribution service and creator of Half-Life has dedicated a third of its workforce to VR.
facebook messenger day holiday update 1

Facebook pressures users to set Messenger as the default texting app with confusing prompt

Facebook users were misled by a Messenger pop-up prompt that asked users to set the app as their default SMS texting app.
mass effect andromeda morality drop

Choices are ‘shades of gray’ in ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’

The next Bioware sci-fi epic will have choices in shades of grey rather than the good or evil choices that were prevalent in the previous games.
smart boy pre order available

SmartBoy turns your Android phone into a GameBoy, buttons and all

Last year's April Fool's Day joke has become reality, Hyperkin Lab's Smart Boy runs Game Boy cartridges on your smartphone and is up for pre-order.
vr therapy success

VR Therapy firm is seeing ‘pretty much nothing but success’

There are many uses for virtual reality, and one promising prospect is the ability to help improve mental health via experiential treatments.
Michael Bay holds his hand up on Transformers set.

VR explosions are en route as Michael Bay teams with The Rogue Initiative

As director Michael Bay leaves Transformers behind, he delves into virtual reality together with The Rogue Initiative's VR production studio.

Bethesda says it's working to improve Fallout 4 mod support on PS4

PS4 owners may have to wait a bit longer with issues on mod support for the PS4 as Bethesda says it's working with Sony to improve mod support.
captured on galaxy s7 worse apple samsung ad

Samsung imitates Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads with the Galaxy S7

Samsung's latest advertisement campaign reminds us of Apple's "Shot on iPhone", minus all of the consumer touches that made it so popular.
farpoint playstation vr announced 001

With discovery and shooting, ‘Farpoint’ is a sci-fi FPS for PlayStation VR

At first sight it doesn't look like much, but this game actually takes place inside of a headworn device. Farpoint is a sci-fi shooter for VR.
lego star wars force unleashed demo  the awakens

Fly a plastic Millennium Falcon in the demo for ‘Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

The latest Lego Star Wars game has a demo for PS4 available on the PlayStation Store today, a couple of weeks ahead of its release.
here they lie announced

‘Here They Lie’ is a psychological horror game for PlayStation VR

In Los Angeles there's a small studio working on Here They Lie, a psychological horror game that wants you to "confront the meaning of your existence."
detroit become human 2018 release window 006

‘Detroit: Become Human’ could feature multiple android protagonists

Quantic Dream has released more footage from its latest creation, Detroit: Become Human. It introduces a new protagonist, and it might not be the last.
the last guardian release date 008

A boy and his bird: ‘The Last Guardian’ has a release date

After years of waiting, Fumito Ueda's game about a boy and bird trapped together gets a release date.
steep ubisoft e3 2016 featured image

Hang out with your friends in the mountains in Ubisoft’s newest game

In Steep, you traverse the mountains and ski, fly in a wing suit, snowboard, and parachute together with your friends.
recore e3 2016 trailer end

Three robots show their skills in ‘Recore’ trailer debuted at E3

New gameplay footage of ReCore shows off robot-specific mechanics and a quick pace meant to keep players on their toes.
Prey E3 screenshot

Bethesda Softworks reimagines ‘Prey’ with Arkane Studios

President and Co-Creative Director of Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantonio, took the stage to announce the game.
batman telltale games 004 waynemanor

Screenshots show off Telltale Games' take on Batman

Batman: The Telltale Series release the first screenshots from its the next dark adventure from Telltale Games.
FIFA 17 screenshot

‘Fifa 17’s’ Journey story mode revealed at E3

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises at Electronic Arts' conference was the inclusion of a story about fictional player Alex Hunter in Fifa 17.
vedavi medical vr anatomy image005

Pick apart your skull in VR and learn with Human Anatomy

Understanding the human body helps us understand ourselves, and VR may be one of the most exciting ways to discover our own bodies.
evga dg 8 announced preorder video

EVGA’s upcoming DG-8 Gaming Case looks like a cool wall oven

A desktop computer can be hard to assemble and often look stylish, but EVGA's recent DG-8 case series wants to be both ergonomic and pleasant on the eyes.
Steam Machines

A half million Steam Controllers in seven months is pretty terrible

Valve has apparently sold more than 500,000 Steam Controllers, and that includes its Steam Machine bundles.