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The promised level editor has finally come to 'Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number'

hotline miami 2 editor released wrong number
It’s time to design hallways and living rooms fit for murder, or perhaps a maze fit for all the brain matter and corpses that are guaranteed to follow in the wake of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number’s main character. Dennaton Games have finally released the promised level-editing tools for their latest game.

User-generated content puts the users at the forefront of strengthening a game’s lifespan. The interface for this level editor is clean, with five different tabs to choose between Build, Items, Enemy, Misc, and Level. It’s unclear if people will be able to add their own sprites into the level editor, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the community working their way around that if it isn’t included in the editor itself.

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The editor has been in a beta phase for a little longer than seven months. Fans have anticipated the release of the level-editing tool ever since it was first announced in June 2014. That’s right, while the beta is just a little over half a year old, the feature has been anticipated for more than two years, though the game was released in March 2015. It’s a good thing the gaming community is known for its patience and proper etiquette …

Not everything may work perfectly at first, however. The developer points out that if players “experience any issues with this latest update, please report them in the pinned Bug Report Thread in the Level Editor forum.” In case your computer starts acting weird the developer urges players to stay away from the update, “Additionally; should the latest update cause serious new issues on your machine, we have also set the previous build (v1.05) live on the ‘no_editor’ branch. Use that to opt-out of the editor update while we look for a solution to the problem.”

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number‘s level editor is currently only available via Steam Workshop on Windows PC.

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