EVGA’s upcoming DG-8 Gaming Case looks like a cool wall oven

Computer cases often fall into one of two categories: general or personal. That is, either you’ve opted for a case that reflects your interests or you don’t give a damn what your computer looks like. But if you’re looking for a hearth design, there aren’t many available. EVGA’s upcoming gaming computer case could help fill that void, as its DG-8 Gaming Cases series looks just like a wall oven.

The case has more than just the exterior design going for it, though. Unlike the premise of a roasted computer, this case features a dedicated cooling path for graphics cards which should help if you decide to push your computer to the limits. The cooler your computer, the more it’s able to push that precious hardware. In case the path cooling path isn’t enough, there’s always water cooling. The case supports dual 420 or 360mm radiators, and there’s a special mounting reservoir section already in place. A built-in fan controller can be used to raise or lower the temperature, and you can take a peek to see the current temperature inside the case. Fan filters supposedly keep the computer dust free and can be removed for cleaning.

Cable management can be a hell as well, but this case features dedicated cable management cutout points to reduce the wiring mess you usually keep locked away and hidden from sight.

Of particular interest to computer enthusiasts could be the K-Boost Button. EVGA says it boosts both your GPU and CPU clocks at the push of a button, but exact details on how far that pushing goes is uncertain.

The front and top of the case features reset buttons and USB 2.0 ports as well as front facing USB 3.1 Type-C and HDMI ports. Most interesting of these features is the front facing HDMI port that the company says works well for VR.

If the design has you intrigued but confused, you can simply flip a switch and remove the front door. Ergonomics appear to have been an important factor in the design.

There’s no shortage of space in the DG-8, with support for up to eight 140 or 120mm fans as well as 12 SSD or HDD. For anyone interested in customizing their desktop setup some more, and have some extra cash to spare, the DG-8 seems to make a compelling case.

The DG-8 is available for pre-order now via EVGA’s website and is set to launch this August. Pre-orders come with a hefty discount.  It will come in four different models, starting with the DG-84 at $150 ($100 on pre-order), followed by the DG-85 at $170 ($120 on pre-order), the DG-86 at $200 ($150 on pre-order), and finally the DG-87 at $230 ($180 on pre-order).


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