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Bethesda says it's working to improve Fallout 4 mod support on PS4

Sony fans may be grinding their teeth right now as Bethesda Softworks has acknowledged issues with the mod support for PlayStation 4, something which is in the works for Fallout 4. Microsoft’s Xbox One got mod support last month, but it appears PS4 owners will have to wait a little longer than those who have bought the game for Xbox One.

Bethesda is currently working on the beta version for private betas on the PS4, but there is some good news that hints that it isn’t necessarily as far away as you may think. The Creation Kit now supports the ability to upload PS4 Mods to, there’s an update waiting for anyone who wants to get to work on PS4 mods. But as we said, there are a few things that may make the PS4 a less appealing alternative for mod creation right now. Bethesda says it’s working together with Sony on future updates to solve the issues we describe below, so hopefully these problems will be no more than painful memories sooner rather than later.

One issue is that the Creation Kit uses PC textures, something that can cause memory and performance issues on the PS4. Bethesda says it’s working on support for texture exporting to solve this.

Another issue arises from the fact that in the current version you can’t add sound files to the mods, something that may heavily restrict mods that want to add voice actors and new weapons with original audio to the game. The PS4 uses a proprietary sound format which isn’t compatible with the Bethesda’s modding software. Apparently this will be solved by a sound-file processing update somewhere down the line. Finally, there’s also a 900MB restriction for mods on the PS4, something which the developer is working on increasing together with Sony.

The overall situation sounds awful, but considering Bethesda’s previous levels of dedication to the modding community it’s hopefully just a matter of time before PS4 owners can enjoy the same level of mod support as Xbox One owners. Meanwhile, HTC Vive owners are waiting to dive into the vast world of Fallout 4 in VR.

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