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Gigabyte, Asus fighting it out for top motherboard shipments

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Though there are a multitude of motherboard manufacturers, including MSI, Biostar, ASRock and others, there are two top dogs when it comes to motherboard shipments. That’s Gigabyte, and Asus.

As was the case last year, when Gigabyte competed for the top spot, they and Asus will be battling it out this year once again. However, Gigabyte has a chance to take an early lead on Asus in this department.

New data indicates that Gigabyte is expected to ship over 5 million motherboards during the first quarter of 2014. The difference between Gigabyte’s approach to the market and Asus’ is market strategy: Asus reportedly dominates the high-end side of the spectrum, which Gigabyte will need to make waves in if it hopes to overtake its biggest competitor.

Towards that end, Gigabyte’s president, Alexander Ma, has allegedly indicated that his firm will need to make strong progress in the mid-range as well as the high-end markets this year. While Ma purportedly expects motherboard shipments worldwide to fall by 5 percent this year, he also expects for Gigabyte’s shipments to either stay constant when compared with 2013’s numbers, or experience modest growth.

In the end, we shall see. We’re only into February, so it’ll be interesting to see how the motherboard competition between Gigabyte and Asus shakes out as we get deeper into 2014.

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