Updated: HP’s Zvr Virtual Reality Display is your desktop holodeck

06/01/2015 at 9:13AM: This post has been updated with a hands-on look at the Zvr.

Are you tired of doing all your work in just two dimensions? Do you yearn for your 3D models and graphical designs to pop off the page instead of lying flat and listless? Are you someone who just thinks that virtual reality is super cool and wants to live in the future?

Well then HP has the monitor for you.

Today the company announced the upcoming release of the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display, a leap forward in monitor technology that will allow a new level of control while working with 3D models and projects.

Much like the holograms we’ve seen in movies such as Avatar and Star Trek, now you can actively manipulate objects with your computer in a space just above the screen, spinning, rotating, and opening them with ease.

The technology works through a pair of included 3D glasses and four internal IR cameras, which carefully track the movement of your head and alter the display with real-time parallax processing.


HP touts the most important applications will be found for those who work in architecture, 3D design, and the medical fields, all of which could benefit greatly from the ability to move and manipulate virtual objects in real space.

The 23.6” display provides 1080p resolution and has an anti-glare coat for use in harsh lightning environments. Connectivity includes one DVI-D input along with 1.2 HDCP-ready DisplayPort and three USB 2.0 ports for any peripherals you might need to connect such as a Wacom pen or the glasses themselves.

The Zvr will come with a standard three-year limited warranty, and while we don’t have a release date or pricing schedule just yet, HP says the monitor will be available to order sometime this spring.