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Chris Stobing

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Self-proclaimed geek and nerd extraordinaire, Chris Stobing is a writer and blogger from the heart of Silicon Valley. Raised around tech from birth, he's had an interest in PC and mobile hardware for years, and has come to Digital Trends to contribute his extensive knowledge on both. When not blogging about technology, he can be found at the record shop hunting for music, shredding Mt. Hood on his snowboard, or whipping up a dish for friends in the kitchen.

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Play the role of a cheapskate with these 5 free RPGs

Just because you want to play a premium RPG, doesn't mean you have to a pay a premium price. These five role-playing titles will allow you to explore distant galaxies and familiar worlds without dropping a dime.

Decrypt This

Personal privacy is more important than ever in today’s post-Snowden world. Decrypt This is our weekly dose of everything you need to know about encryption, protecting your data, and keeping your identifying information safe while…

Eero now taking pre-orders for its innovative Wi-Fi router

The Eero promises to make dropped Wi-Fi connections, slow streaming, and dangerous malware concerns of the past with their brand new router, and have started taking pre-orders for the device starting at $125 today.

Updated: New, more affordable NUC systems arrive on Amazon for pre-order

Intel has leaked a new spec sheet containing details on its refreshed line of low-power NUCs, featuring the company's Braswell CPU. The tiny systems will be sold at far lower prices than their quicker, Core-powered cousins.

Ransomware is the new hot threat everyone is talking about; what do you need to know?

Here's a history of the spread of ransomware, how it affects average users in the threat landscape, and what - if anything - you can do to stop it.

NSA spying powers aren’t dead yet, as the Obama administration seeks to revive bulk collection

In a statement from US officials, it has been confirmed that the Obama administration will attempt to revive the NSA's bulk collection program for another six months while the operation transitions to telecoms.