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Chris Stobing

Chris Stobing

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Self-proclaimed geek and nerd extraordinaire, Chris Stobing is a writer and blogger from the heart of Silicon Valley. Raised around tech from birth, he's had an interest in PC and mobile hardware for years, and has come to Digital Trends to contribute his extensive knowledge on both. When not blogging about technology, he can be found at the record shop hunting for music, shredding Mt. Hood on his snowboard, or whipping up a dish for friends in the kitchen.

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eero promises make wi fi dead spots thing past dwdljs9

Eero now taking pre-orders for its innovative Wi-Fi router

The Eero promises to combat dropped Wi-Fi connections, slow streaming, and dangerous malware with a new router designed to blanket your home in wireless.
Intel NUC i7

Updated: New, more affordable NUC systems arrive on Amazon for pre-order

Intel has leaked a new spec sheet containing details on their refreshed line of low-power NUCs, featuring the company's Braswell CPU.
what is ransomware and should you be worried about it shutterstock 189825605  1

Ransomware is the new hot threat everyone is talking about; what do you need to know?

We're going to break down everything you need to know about the spread of ransomware, and how it affects average users in the threat landscape.
nsa spying powers arent dead yet as the obama administration seeks to revive bulk collection f5lpaxl

NSA spying powers aren’t dead yet, as the Obama administration seeks to revive bulk collection

In a statement from US officials, it has been confirmed that the Obama administration will attempt to revive the NSA's bulk collection for six more months.
ultimately flexible hp spectre x360 breaks cover hpmagnify

HP is dead; long live Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

As of November 1, HP will be shedding half of its enterprise operations and splitting into two entirely separate companies.
democrats sit in live stream joint session of congress

Update: USA Freedom Act passes the Senate, President Obama signs it into law

In a session held this Tuesday, the United States Senate has voted to pass the USA Freedom Act, which will curtail permissions granted by the PATRIOT Act.
great news for job seekers in 2016 especially if youre tech programmer

Cybersecurity firm Tiversa accused of blackmailing potential clients

In a move that could be ripped right from the screenplay of Goodfellas, a federal court has heard a case levied against Tiversa security for extortion.

Want to try a game before you buy? Valve’s new return policy doesn’t judge

Steam has announced that starting immediately, all purchases made in the Steam Store will be refundable as long as you don't play for two hours or more.
Intel NUC i7

The Intel NUC line will dive into Skylake later this year

A new slide leaked by the website FanlessTech is said to have specific details on the release schedule for Intel's next line of portable NUC boxes.
Dell Chromebook 11

Dell’s SupportAssist takes the ‘technical’ out of tech support

Dell has announced that its SupportAssist technical support service, previously only available to the enterprise market, will be coming to consumers PCs.
hello is anyone there nsa forced to halt surveillance ops until senate vote g7mop9d

NSA surveillance operations come to screeching halt as Senate stalls on resolution

Thanks to the efforts of Senator Rand Paul, the passage of the USA Freedom Act has hit a snag in the Senate as representatives duke it out over details.
windows, microsoft, computing

Windows 10’s minimum requirements present an olive branch to outdated PCs

In line with dropping the details of the Windows 10 official launch coming on July 29th, today Microsoft has also released the minimum system requirements.
asus takes to computex show floor unveil new line of mini pcs jp4ayjo

Asus’ newest mini-PCs offer choice between fanless design, 6th-gen Intel processors

At Computex in Taiwan this week, Asus has unveiled its new line of mini-PCs which will run versions of both Windows and Chrome OS
steve jobs prophecy could come true pc sales slump for the fourth year running s2wcvhg

Steve Jobs’ prophecy could come true, PC sales slump for the fourth year running

As PC sales continue to slump for the fourth year in a row, a new report from the IDC claims that the trend won't be slowing down anytime soon.
Acer Z Series

Acer announces refresh of Z series in anticipation of Computex

Acer has taken to the Windows Blog to announce the upcoming refresh of its Z line of all-in-one PCs, set to release sometime in Q3 of 2015.
new zotac mini pc favors packs a core m in fanless case zotacfeatured

Fanless Zotac Nano shrinks down your PC without sacrificing performance

The new Zotac Nano PC has peeked its head out a week ahead of its debut at Computex in Taiwan, showcasing its fanless design aesthetic to the world.
need someone to talk googles latest ai breakthrough could make your pc understand geoffreyhintongoogle

Need to talk? Google’s latest AI breakthrough could make your PC understand

According to a talk given by a head researcher on Google's AI team DeepMind, conversational AI may be here sooner than we think.
sandisk says its next solid state drives with have disk like pricing sandiskz400

Sandisk says its next solid state drives will have disk-like pricing

SanDisk has announced that its ramping up to debut a new solid-state drive which will be able to keep its costs in line with that of traditional HDDs.
the edge browser edges out competition with support for dolby audio m8lkl4o

Microsoft announces native Dolby Digital Plus support for Windows 10

Dolby has announced that in a new collaboration with Microsoft, the company would begin incorporating its audio technology into the Windows 10 platform.
microsoft office ios android 100 million downloads on

OfficeNow is Cortana for work, will automatically organize your office life

New images and assets from a Microsoft preview of OfficeNow suggest the program will work off the Cortana platform to help organize your life.
AOC U2868PQU hero

AOC U2868PQU review

Dell XPS 15 review touchscreen

Touchscreen PCs and laptops are all the rage, but are they worth the hype?

Touchscreen PCs and laptops are everywhere, but with so many different options and potential applications, how do you know the technology is right for you?
us secretary of defense on nsa spying were not trying to get in anybodys business xle3b9z

US Secretary of Defense on NSA spying: “We’re not trying to get in anybody’s business”

This week, Vice news was granted the opportunity to sit down with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to discuss the NSA spying programs two years later.
XBox DVR Windows 10

Xbox One is slated to receive Windows 10 sometime after summer 2015

According to a tweet let slip by the corporate VP of Microsoft Game Studios, the Xbox One is expected to get its own beta of Windows 10 sometime this fall.
The Witcher III

Watch the Witcher put down some punishment in all his graphical glory

The Witcher III on PC has been injecting fear into gamers everywhere in the months leading up to its release, with required specs that could make a dove cry
fove vr headset hopes to unseat oculus as king of head mounted sets fovevr

Fove VR headset hopes to unseat Oculus as king of head-mounted VR sets

A new VR HMD headset called the Fove has hit officially hit Kickstarter, which claims to support eye-tracking technology unlike anything we've seen so far. Office 365

Brian and Kumar go to de-Clutter your inbox by default this June

According to a new blog post on the Office 365 website, users of the popular Clutter email manager will have the setting turned on by default this June
Nvidia Titan X video card angle

Nvidia readies for the release of Windows 10 and DirectX 12 with WHQL-certified drivers

Nvidia has announced that all of its graphics card products from the 600 series and up have achieved an all clear from Microsoft's WHQL certification.
AVA Direct Corsair X99

Gaming laptops have come a long way, but desktops still reign supreme

If you've been mulling over whether a gaming laptop or desktop is best, don't fret. We've broken down the pros and cons, and the answer is clear.
verizon customers orders never made storefront

Security researcher discovers simple way to access Verizon ISP accounts

A security researcher discovered a critical flaw that put Verizon customers at risk. A hacker could access any account by spoofing a user's IP address.
dells new miniature inspiron goes after hps stream and intels nuc mini

Dell’s new miniature Inspiron goes after HP’s Stream and Intel’s NUC

Dell has announced the debut of two of its new micro-PCs, the J1800 the J2900, which feature Intel processors and two gigabytes of RAM.
security researcher blabs that google app engine is vulnerable to attack aqauguh

Security researcher blabs that Google App Engine is vulnerable to attack

A Polish security researcher claims that a vulnerability has been discovered in App Engine which gives hackers access to Google's servers.

Oculus releases PC hardware requirements, and they’re intimidating

According to a blog released by the development team at Oculus Rift, the upcoming VR headset will require at least a GTX 970 or AMD 290.