Dell’s SupportAssist takes the ‘technical’ out of tech support

Dell XPS 13
Greg Mombert/Digital Trends
Dell has announced that its automated SupportAssist service will be available for most of its consumer desktops and laptops starting immediately.

The feature has already been available in the enterprise market for a number of years, but now Dell has committed to making the service available to all owners of Dell devices in the coming year.

The service will include 24/7 remote administration diagnosis, online chat, and all-day phone support for especially stubborn problems that require personal troubleshooting to get through.

“Consumers want fast and easy resolution of their technology issues and that’s exactly what Premium Support delivers,” said Doug Schmitt, vice president and general manager of Global Support and Deployment at Dell.

“Proactive support completely changes the tech support model because we call customers knowing the problem and how to address it instead of customers calling us to troubleshoot. This level of support is a first in the industry.”

Unlike other technical support systems, SupportAssist actually takes a proactive approach to healing the woes of your home computer. By actively monitoring your PC for any flaws, defects, faulty code, or dodgy installations, Dell’s automated system will fix any problem it spots even if you don’t ask it to first.

“Even the best-designed laptops, tablets, and desktops can have problems: Sometimes hardware simply gives out,” read Dell’s press release. “That’s why Dell has your back with Dell Premium Support and SupportAssist technology. If something goes wrong, Dell’s proactive, automated approach makes it as painless as possible to get your system running again.”

SupportAssist will be immediately pushed out to all Dell machines via an automatic update, and included with all new systems coming off the factory line starting today.

The service will premier at $39 for customers in the United States and Canada, for all products flying under the Dell Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Venue, and Chromebook brands.

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