Xbox One is slated to receive Windows 10 sometime after summer 2015

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According to a recent tweet from the Corporate VP of Microsoft Game Development Studios Phil Spencer, a console-ready version of Windows 10 could be on its way to your Xbox One sometime in fall of this year.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is looking to make up for the ground it lost with the Vista-esque release of Windows 8, and now the breadth of what the company has planned for the Windows 10 ecosystem looks like it could be just the kick in the behind it needed all along.

Windows 10 will be a universal operating system, compatible with desktops, laptops, smartphones, all-in-ones, and even the Xbox One by the time the OS is polished enough for consumer approval.

While each version will be customized to its intended platform, the cross-pollination of these different systems could make for some interesting applications in the future.

For the Xbox One, this means the ability to stream games straight from the console to any tablet, laptop, or desktop running Windows 10. This is huge for mobile gamers who don’t want to settle for the same old mobile gaming experience, and is reminiscent of what we’ve already seen in the collaboration between the PS4 and the PS Vita.

This technology also comes with the added bonus of cross-platform multi-player, which will enable players to fight against each other in the same arena across two entirely separate systems.

Readers should note that the fall release date is for the beta only, and whether or not it will be limited to a select group of chosen testers or given out openly to the public still remains to be seen.

Windows 10 for your desktop is still expected to stay on track to ship sometime this summer, though Microsoft hasn’t tacked down a final day just yet.

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