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Huawei just beat Apple to the punch with a 16-inch laptop, but is it any good?

Honor MagicBook Pro
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According to the rumor mill, Apple is going to bring out a brand-spanking-new 16-inch MacBook Pro this fall. Well, Huawei figured it could go one better, and has just launched the 16-inch MagicBook Pro under its Honor brand.

GizChina reports that the MagicBook Pro features slimline screen bezels that measure a mere 4.9mm, allowing the display to reach close to the edges of the machine.

It’s pretty slim, too, weighing 1.7 kilograms. That’s 130 grams lighter than the 15-inch MacBook Pro, although not as super-svelte as the 1.25-kg MacBook Air.

Internally, you’ll get an eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8565U processor, 8GB of memory, a 512GB SSD and an Nvidia MX250 graphics card.

But although it bears the Pro name tag and appears to be an early swipe at Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro redesign, the MagicBook’s performance is more in line with the MacBook Air. That’s because its Intel i7 processor is rated at 15W TDP, according to 9to5Mac, while the Air comes with a 7W TDP chip. The MacBook Pro, in contrast, can be equipped with a much more powerful 45W TDP Intel i9 processor.

Still, the computer has an interesting temperature sensor array that Huawei hopes will keep the MagicBook Pro cool and quiet. It consists of seven sensors that measure the heat inside the machine and try to provide cooling while reducing fan noise. Huawei says this results in fan volumes of 25dB.

GizChina noted that the MagicBook Pro comes equipped with a 56Wh battery that should power the device for up to 14 hours, although it was not clear what tasks were being performed when achieving that sort of battery life. In comparison, the 15-inch MacBook Pro that the MagicBook Pro is squaring off against can last for 10 hours of wireless web browsing or iTunes movie playback, according to Apple.

Elsewhere, there’s a full-size backlit keyboard, a front-facing webcam, and according to GizChina, “magical mutual transmission” (whatever that entails).

Also of note is the MagicBook Pro’s touchscreen display. Apple has said on multiple occasions that it believes equipping a laptop with a touchscreen display will be uncomfortable and will fatigue your arms. Depending on your outlook, you may find the MagicBook Pro’s touchscreen an advantage or a drawback.

Want to get your hands on the MagicBook Pro? Well, it’s set to go on sale in China on July 29. The Intel i5 version will cost $799, while the Intel i7 edition starts at around $901. There’s no news yet on whether it will go on sale internationally.

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