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Hulu Likely Coming to iPad and Xbox

Popular video site Hulu will soon be available on multiple consumer devices, likely both the Apple iPad and Xbox 360 among others according to multiple sources. Hulu also plans on charging customers for new services as the company looks for ways to break out of the ad supported internet model.

We have been told that Hulu has been developing the subscription service for some time and that it should be rolled out in the next month or two. What we are not clear on is whether the new subscription service will be available before Hulu hits the iPad or Xbox. The looming question is whether consumers would be willing to pay for a brand they have been associating with the “free” model.

Estimates have put Hulu’s 2009 revenue close to $100 million based solely on advertising revenue, and they will continue to offer the free service for popular shows like Glee. The current site will only let consumer view a handful of recent episodes, but with the new subscription plans, users will now be able to access a more in-depth back-catalog of episodes.

Hulu is looking to take a bite out of Netflix’s subscription model, with the exception being a focus on TV shows, rather than just movies and TV DVD/Blu-ray season releases.

Today’s information contradicts earlier reports that Hulu will be passing up the iPad due to their extensive use of Flash and the cost associated with moving their current library over to another compatible format.

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