Imation Flash Wristband Bends to Your Needs

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Data storage media provider Imation today announced a flash drive which can be worn around the wrist. The new Imation Flash Wristband will be available this month for $34.99.

The Imation Flash Wristband, which comes in a 256MB capacity size, consists of a rubber molding shell and friction fit locking band. The band is connected to a host computer by first unplugging it from itself and then plugging it into a USB port. It comes in blue and black colors.

“The innovative portable, durable and secure design of the Imation Flash Wristband makes transferring files from home to school or work easier and more stylish for everyday consumers,” said Tom Lally, U.S. executive director of sales and marketing, Imation. “With their digital files saved securely around their wrist, users can feel confident that their valuable information will be there when they need it.”