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More than 7 Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs may launch soon

According to new leaks, Intel Arc Alchemist for desktops may arrive with at least seven models of graphics cards, but it’s possible that there could be more.

Intel is also rumored to be working on a limited-edition GPU that would take the crown of the lineup. In times of the ongoing GPU shortage, this is great news for less-demanding PC users — provided that the availability is better than the laptop version.

A render of Intel's Arc Alchemist desktop GPU.

The latest information comes from Komachi_Ensaka on Twitter, who is a known source in the PC hardware space. Today’s speculation is promising: Intel seems to have a wide range of GPUs coming up, including two different variants of the flagship A770 graphics card, and a rumored Intel Arc A780. The latter part is what Komachi_Ensaka seems to be unsure about, while the rest of the lineup appears to be more certain. However, it’s important to note that until Intel itself confirms the full extent of its discrete GPU range, we won’t know anything with absolute certainty.

The graphics card lineup includes two variants of the Intel Arc A770, as well as one model each of the A750, A580, A380, and A350. According to the Twitter tipster, the A770 would come in 16GB and 8GB variants, offering quite a bit of variety. In general, Intel’s lineup seems to cover a fairly wide selection of GPUs, ranging from the low-end to what can be considered mid-range for Nvidia and AMD.

Not much has been confirmed about the exact specifications of these cards, but based on previous leaks, VideoCardz made some estimates. The Arc A770 graphics card is likely to offer the full ACM-G10 GPU, which is Intel’s flagship for this generation, with 32 Xe-Cores and 16GB of GGDR6 memory. The A750 is said to feature 24 Xe-Cores and 12GB GDDR6 memory, followed by the A580 with 16 Xe-Cores and 8 GB VRAM across a 128-bit memory bus.

Komachi_Ensaka's tweet.

The specifications keep dropping until the entry-level A3 series, each based on the ACM-G11 GPU. The lowest part allegedly has just 4 Xe-Cores and 4GB of GDDR6 memory. While the top variants can hope to rival Nvidia’s RTX 3060 or even RTX 3070, these budget cards will be made to target the low-end segment, competing with Nvidia’s RTX 3050 at the most.

It’s the top of the lineup that brings interesting findings. We know that Intel plans to release a limited edition Arc GPU, and that’s presumably where the A780 speculation comes from. If released, that graphics card is likely to offer performance that would beat the flagship A770.

Intel Arc A770 has also recently been leaked in a PugetBench DaVinci Resolve test. Surprisingly, as VideoCardz reports, it was found alongside a new driver branch that Intel hasn’t released to the public just yet. This implies that the upcoming driver for Intel graphics may already have support for desktop Arc GPUs.

Although Intel seems to be gearing up to release its discrete graphics cards for desktops, we still don’t have a confirmed release date. As such, the extent of the lineup and its specifications may still be subject to change, and all we can do is simply just wait.

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