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Intel accidentally leaks Raptor Lake specs, with one major surprise

Intel has just accidentally revealed the full and official specifications of its upcoming Raptor Lake processors. The leak includes three of the most popular CPUs and confirms a lot of the previous rumors.

However, there is one change compared to the leaks we’ve seen so far, and that’s the performance core boost clock. This is not a change for the better, though.

13900k 5.4ghz boost clock🧐 though it was 5.8ghz?

— malachi (@jahmalachi15) September 12, 2022

Someone at Intel might be in trouble. On the official Intel website, the specifications for three Raptor Lake models were briefly listed. They were spotted by momomo_us, a well-known leaker in the PC hardware space. The information was then taken down promptly once momomo_us shared their findings with the world, but the website was screenshotted before Intel got to change it back.

The three CPUs in question are the Intel Core i9-13900K, the Core i7-13700K, and the Core i5-13600K. This could imply that Intel will launch these popular models first and let the rest of the lineup follow at a later time, which is what some previous leaks have already assumed.

The flagship Core i9-13900K is said to come with 24 cores and 32 threads, the Core i7-13700K with 16 cores and 24 threads, and the Core i5-13600K with 14 cores and 20 threads. No surprises there, but the maximum clock frequency is not aligned with the previous reports, and there have been plenty of them.

Intel says that the maximum frequency for performance (P) cores is at 5.4GHz for the Core i9-13900K, followed by 5.3GHz and 5.1GHz for the Core i7-13700K and the Core i5-13600K, respectively.

In the leak, Intel talks strictly about the P-core turbo. We previously thought that the P-core max frequency for the Core i9-13900K might go as high as 5.5GHz, but the actual numbers are lower by a little bit. However, the CPU can hit as high as 5.7GHz through Turbo Boost Max 3.0 and 5.8GHz with Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB).

Intel Raptor Lake leaked specs.
Igor's Lab

What does this mean for the future owners of some of these high-end Intel processors? It’s certainly a surprise — we’ve heard the previous specs from many sources, so to see them turn out to be slightly worse is unexpected. However, in terms of performance, this won’t have any great effect on the processors. The clock speed is still high and will be brought higher through overclocking, although most users won’t need to or want to overclock that high.

Intel is most likely going to announce the new Raptor Lake lineup at Intel Innovation, which is set for just two weeks from now, on September 27.

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