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LaCie's lightning-fast hard drive will cost as much as a new MacBook Pro

LaCie Bolt 3 External SSD
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Hours after Apple unveiled its latest — and most expensive — MacBook Pro models to date, hard disk manufacturer LaCie introduced the world to its unbelievably fast external hard drive. The LaCie Bolt 3 is a companion to the new MacBook Pro in design, performance, and price.

The Bolt 3 supports the USB-C standard used by the new MacBook Pro, the Thunderbolt 3, and reportedly leverages the extra speed afforded by the connection by offering read/write speeds of 2,600MB per second and a massive amount of storage space — up to 2TB in a single drive.

Manufacturer LaCie claims the new drives are the world’s fastest desktop storage solutions, and with stats like that, it is easy to see why it can make such bold claims. According to LaCie, the Bolt 3 is capable of transferring 1TB of 4K footage from the drive itself to RAID storage device in about five minutes.

As MacRumors reports, the LaCie Bolt 3 is not your everyday external hard drive, it is not exactly for storing family photos and backing up old movies. This is an external hard drive designed for professional use, as evidenced by its hefty price tag. The LaCie Bolt 3 starts at $2,000.

Yes, this external hard drive will cost about as much as a brand-new MacBook Pro and it only goes up from there. LaCie offers a full range of storage options geared toward the upcoming MacBook Pro, including a new desktop RAID solution, the 6big and 12big, which house six drives and 12 drives, respectively. The LaCie 12big offers a whopping 120TB of storage for around $6,400.

Naturally, these are professional-grade hard-disk solutions, designed for storage-heavy tasks like video editing. LaCie claims the Bolt 3, in particular, is geared toward editing 4K, 5K and even 6K video with minimal latency. With that in mind, these prices might even seem low by comparison to some other professional-grade storage solutions.

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