LaCie CloudBox combines local and online backups

LaCie CloudBox

Peripheral and storage maker LaCie is getting deeper into cloud-based solutions, announcing its new CloudBox backup device, a hybrid system that combines 100 GB of local storage with 100 GB of online backup. The idea is that users have the convenient (and speed) of local storage with the assurance of having their data backed up to another location in the cloud. And users can get to their online backup anywhere they have Internet access, thanks to LaCie’s cloud-based services.

The CloudBox offers 100 GB of local storage—which is barely anything, by today’s standards. However, the CloudBox automatically makes sure all data is automatically backed up again to LaCie’s cloud storage solution. All data is protected using 128-bit AES encryption, and the CloudBox comes with built-in gigabit Ethernet so users can pop it on their home broadband network and don’t have to fuss with USB or FireWire cabling—or even have their computer powered on to make sure the CloudBox connects to the Internet.

When users need access to their files, the CloudBox Online Restore operation enables users to go back through up to ten previous versions of their documents; users can also choose to restore their entire online backup.

The CloudBox comes with a one-year online backup contract, which users can renew at—LaCie assures potential customers that renewing is easy, but doesn’t offer any pricing details. The CloudBox itself (with that one year of service) is priced at $199.99.

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