LaCie reveals ‘industry’s first’ 5TB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drives

lacie reveals industrys first 5tb 7200 rpm mechanical hard drives

Hard drive maker LaCie announced the availability of what it called the “industry’s first” 5TB 7,200 rpm hard drives. LaCie said that the drives will be made available in a multitude of their multiple-bay hard drive cases, including their 5big Thunderbolt Series as well as their 2big Thunderbolt Series and d2 Thunderbolt Series. As you might have guessed, the 5big and the 2big gear from LaCie can accommodate up to five and two 3.5-inch mechnanical hard drives, respectively. LaCie made the announcement today via an official blog post.

Here’s what LaCie had to say about the announcement.

“Increasingly larger file formats for film and photography have driven the demand for more storage capacity. The availability of 5TB hard drives enables LaCie to deliver significantly more storage capacity in its same compact desktop designs. This saves professionals valuable desktop space.”

On top of making the 5TB 7,200 rpm hard drives available with their 5big, 2big and 2d boxes, you can also snag some 5TB goodness with their 2big Quadra and their d2 Quadra boxes.

A 10TB 2big Thunderbolt Series will run you $899. Maxing out a LaCie 5big Thunderbolt Series to 25GB will set you back $2,499. A 5TB d2 Thunderbolt Series require you to put down $450 for one, and a 5TB d2 Quadra carries a $350 asking price.

However, despite the fact that LaCie says that you can outfit a d2 Quadra with 5TB hard drives, that option is currently unavailable according to the official product page.

Lacie 2big quadra

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