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Lady Gaga stars in new Google Chrome commercial

lady-gaga-using-google-chromeSelling out is all the rage these days. In what feels like the latest in an endless stream of endorsements, Lady Gaga is now pushing Google Chrome in a new 1.5 minute ad for the Web browser. The new video, pretty much a music video, splices shots of Gaga dancing across a bridge looking like Madonna with YouTube videos of her fans and some fake footage of her using Google Chrome. The song featured is her new single “Edge of Glory,” out just in time for her album, which hits digital and physical store shelves today.

So why does Lady Gaga prefer Google Chrome over its competitors? You won’t find out here, but if Lady Gaga’s followers will make YouTube videos like this at her command (which they did, according to Google), they will surely convert to her browser of choice, no? Google is hoping so.

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This news comes after Lady Gaga signed up with Zynga to make “GagaVille,” a new FarmVille-type social game using her likeness and trademarked odd sense of style. That game features a lot of unicorns, crystals, and disco ball sheep, among other things. She’s also a designer for Polaroid, a Best Buy Mobile partner, a sponsor of Monster energy drink, has her own Beats-branded headphones, and has a perfume line, among other things, likely setting records for the number of celebrity endorsements used to promote a new album. Still, while MC Hammer sure got bit for his endorsements, the world of 2011 seems much kinder to product tie-ins.

Overall, things are coming up Lady Gaga lately. Last week, the singer reached 10 million Twitter followers. She is approaching 35 million followers on Facebook.

Does Lady Gaga make Chrome seem cooler? Will this influence anyone to use Google’s browser?

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