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Le oops: Google accidentally outs Google Drive on its French blog

Google DriveAs we inch closer to an official announcement, it would appear Google has gone ahead and leaked all the Google Drive details on its French blog. Thanks to a little something called Google Translate, all the specs have been revealed.

The post has since been deleted (of course), but Google+ users Gerwin Sturm and Francois Bacconnet were able to publish a copy in full.

Here’s a look at what’s likely to be officially announced very soon:

  • 5GB free storage; additional space starts at 20GB for $4 a month; you max out at 16TB – it’s worth noting that Google Docs content is not included in your free 5GBs
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, and Android phone or tablet (iOS version in the works)
  • The Web-viewer can handle more than 30 document types – Illustrator, PhotoShop, high-def video, etc – without any software installation
  • Deep integration with Google Docs – you can collaborate on shared projects in real time
  • 99.9-percent uptime
  • Available starting today
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No big surprises here. Google is promising just about everything we expected it to and Drive will be a viable cloud competitor – again, largely thanks to the popularity of Google Docs. Users love integrated, complementary services, and building off its Gmail and Docs houses all but guarantees it an impressive number of clients right off the bat.

An official announcement can’t be far off. Check back later for the stateside introduction of Google Drive and what it means for its soon-to-be cloud storage competitors. 

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