Leaked Windows 10 build lets you try experimental features, or stop updates

leaked windows 10 build lets you try out experimental features or stop updates altogether winbeta10134ss
There’s no update for Insiders yet, but according to WinBeta, build 10134 has leaked onto the web in .iso form. It includes a couple of interesting features that may or may not make it to the next official Insider update. With build 10134,  you can switch off updates, and let Microsoft try new features in your build.

In between the official builds of Windows 10 that are pushed out to Insiders, there are a number of other minor updates to the OS. These new features are often experimental, and while some of them will make it to release, there are often stability issues that make the build only fit for developer testing. This is one of those builds, so if you find an .iso out on the web, we don’t recommend using it.

In the Settings app in build 10134 there’s now a button you can press labeled “Stop Insider builds” that’s pretty self-explanatory. Even slower than the slow track, your current build of the technical preview will linger on your computer until it expires and your computer stops working. You can press the button again to jump back in and keep updating.

There’s also a switch that allows Microsoft to enable new features that were included in your build that aren’t available by default. People who have installed the leaked build and flipped the switch haven’t noticed anything different, though, so it could be a UI element that isn’t connected. It also may be like the A/B testing Microsoft ran previously with transparency in the Start Menu, where users have different sets of experimental features.

There are screenshots of a few other builds floating around that show Microsoft Word ’95 running in Windows 10, as well as some other minor icon updates. If we’re basing a build schedule on the last few months, we aren’t likely to see another build until later in June. It will probably go out to both fast and slow ring Insiders, and will most likely contain some combination of these features.

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