A not-so-pricey lightweight laptop for work and play? Meet the Lenovo S41

The Lenovo S41 is a beautiful, thin, light and robust 14-inch “conventional” notebook for fashion-concerned individuals. Capable of balancing your entertainment, multimedia and enterprise needs, the S41 tips the scales at a little over 3 pounds and measures only 0.76 inches thick.

Lenovo ditches the 4th-generation Core chips for their spanking-new 5th-gen brethren to achieve this super-thin profile. Not the sluggish Core M kind, either. Its unreleased, beefed-up cousins have been picked instead, which means the S41 will be no slouch in benchmarks.

Lenovo S41

Depending on your budget you’ll be able to go for up to Core i7 processor with optional Nvidia GeForce graphics and either up to 1TB of hybrid drive storage or a 256GB SSD. Up to eight gigabytes of RAM will be available. Speedy 802.11ac Wi-Fi is standard, and so is a booming Dolby Home Theatre stereo sound system.

Coated in silky white, with silver and black accents highlighting its overall elegance, the S41 also stands out visually and from a build quality standpoint thanks to its all-metal chassis. The 14-inch display doesn’t support touch input but does boast 1080p resolution.

There are more flexible notebooks available, of course, as well as models that are quicker or even thinner. But can you find a Broadwell-based featherweight with all that at less than $800? Very unlikely. Now here’s the bad news; the S41 won’t hit store shelves until June.