Lenovo’s new Yoga 2-in-1s offer more while shedding weight

Who said power must come at the expense of versatility and portability? Not Lenovo, that’s for sure, as the global PC overlord just pulled a pair of new Yoga convertibles somehow punchier, slimmer and more flexible than previous family members.

The Yoga 3 is offered in two sizes, much like the Yoga 2, only the 11 incher’s bigger brother now fits a 14-inch display in a 13-inch chassis. Bezels are skinnier than ever before on the highest-end consumer-oriented Yoga yet and, with a profile of just 0.72 inches, the Yoga 3 14 is almost as slender as its 13-inch forerunner.

Both the fresh 11 and 14-inchers can seamlessly switch between four use modes (Laptop, Stand, Tent and Tablet), courtesy of two-hinge 360-degree construction, so while the physical keyboards don’t come off, these babies remain as convertible as convertible notebooks get.

They’re also as speedy as you’d expect, with Intel Core M inside the smaller model, and up to fifth-generation Intel Core i7 in the larger one. The efficient Broadwell microarchitecture behind both chips should ensure strong battery life, though Lenovo isn’t ready to share numbers.

Lenovo YOGA 3 14

Lenovo YOGA 3 14

Stereo speakers, “intelligent” JBL and Waves audio, and uber-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity are other highlights of the two’s spec sheets. Both models have a 1080p display but the larger Yoga also gets an IPS panel and optional Nvidia discrete graphics.

The smaller Yoga, at 2.6 pounds, is hands-down the lightest Yoga laptop to date. In comparison, the second-gen Yoga 11 starts at a “whopping” 3.2 pounds. The Yoga 3 14 is only slightly heavier than that at 3.5 pounds.

Due out in March, the 11-incher will cost a palatable $799 in its entry-level configuration, and the 14-incher is priced at $979 and up, which is also not too extravagant.