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Shipment of touch-bar MacBook Pros has been delayed by a week

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Although initially slated to ship in two to three weeks, Apple’s newly announced MacBook Pros with the included touch-bar feature, are now set to arrive in three to four weeks instead. This could be indicative of a wider stock problem, which could see shipping dates slip even further if demand stays strong.

Yesterday was Apple’s big reveal for much of its new laptop and desktop hardware. The most eye catching of all of its new offerings though was the MacBook Pro range, featuring a touch bar that is app-sensitive, so it has the ability to change to be contextually relevant to whatever a user is doing. It’s an idea that not everyone is sold on, but it has clearly drawn enough interest to persuade a lot of people to put their money down for it.

However, those people who have made a deposit could be waiting up to a month to receive it, as the shipping dates have fallen back since the unveiling. Moreover, all signs point to the touch bar models being the problem, with 13-inch MacBook Pros that lack the touch bar still slated to arrive as soon as next Monday (as per 9to5Mac).

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It’s not clear right now if this indicates that there is a problem with the laptops themselves being in short supply, or whether the touch bar is the bottleneck in the chain, but the end result is the same: customers are having to wait longer than expected for their new MacBooks to arrive.

Early buyers, however, are still slated to receive theirs sooner rather than later, with those getting on the train now likely to see the biggest delays.

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