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Leaked iOS 14 code appears to reveal long-overdue upgrade for Messages on MacOS

Apple is reportedly planning to upgrade Messages on macOS, which will bring features in the iOS and iPadOS versions of the app to Mac computers.

The Messages app for MacOS will be completely replaced with a version based on Apple’s Catalyst technology, according to 9to5Mac, which found evidence of the plan in an early build of iOS 14 that it acquired.

Catalyst is Apple’s project to merge development for iOS and MacOS apps, so that they may be used interchangeably across iPhones and Macs. The technology, which developers have praised, is apparently being used by Apple for a revamped Messages experience on MacOS.

There have been several features added to the iOS version iMessages since 2011, such as stickers and message effects. Meanwhile, the MacOS version of the app remained fairly basic, but evidence in the leaked iOS 14 code reportedly means that a long-overdue upgrade is on the way. The new Messages for MacOS will incorporate all the features found in other versions of the app so that people will not miss any stickers or message effects while they are on a computer.

Apple has created Catalyst versions of several apps, including Apple News, Stocks, and Voice Memos. With the technology applied to Messages, it may hint that Apple will be creating Catalyst versions of more core macOS apps.

It remains to be seen when Apple will formally announce the new Messages app for macOS, but the likely date is on this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, which will take place online for five days starting June 22. The revamped app is expected to accompany the reveal for the next major version of the MacOS.

Leaked iOS 14 code

Several iOS 14 features, including “real” widgets on the iPhone’s home screen and the ability to try apps without installing them first, have been reported by 9to5Mac from leaked code of the upcoming mobile operating system.

A recent Motherboard report revealed that 9to5Mac obtained a copy of an early build of iOS 14 that has been circulating among security researchers and hackers since February. WWDC 2020 is fast approaching, and we’ll be watching to see if more iOS 14 details from the leaked code will be revealed before the event.

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