Preliminary edition of Metro Firefox has arrived to Windows 8

Metro Firefox

Love the Metro look of Windows 8 but hate using Internet Explorer? Interested Windows 8 users can now download the Nightly build of Mozilla’s “Metro Firefox” to make it their preferred Web browser. The launch came last night when Mozilla’s Director of Community Development, Asa Dotzler, blogged that the “stable” version of Firefox would be available for testing. “There’s plenty of work still to do,” he notes. “If you are on the Firefox Nightly channel and you have a Windows 8 device, your Wednesday Firefox update should deliver a Metro Firefox tile to the far right end of your Windows Start screen.”

We should also note that this new Firefox is only supported by Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, and not Windows RT (sorry, Surface RT users). As commenters have noted on the Mozilla blog, the update does come ridden with bugs and display errors. After all, this is a Nightly build which means an update is issued each night, hence all the shortcuts and features may not be readily available just yet. If you aren’t interested in preliminary versions, you may want to stay a tad more patient. With the testing edition unveiled, it shouldn’t be too long before a complete Metro Firefox gets delivered.