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Microsoft's purchase of Simplygon demonstrates its commitment to 3D in Windows 10

Introducing 3D in Windows 10
One of the more important new features coming to the Windows 10 Creators Update is a variety of 3D functionality aimed at creative types. In fact, 3D takes a central role in the next version of Windows 10, with the ability to scan objects, import them as 3D objects into the new Paint 3D app, shoot them to the new Remix 3D community sharing site, and interact with them using HoloLens and Windows Holographic.

It appears that 3D will take an even more significant role going forward as Microsoft is making some specific investments in 3D technology that should provide even more benefit for creative types. Specifically, the company announced that it is acquiring 3D data-optimization company Simplygon.

Simplygon is the result of work done by Donya Labs AB, a Swedish company that aims to serve as the premier developer of automatic 3D data-optimization solutions. Applying that expertise in the area of 3D-game optimization is Simplygon’s gig, with the objective of enabling creators and users “optimize content pipelines and streamline workflows” when utilizing 3D data.

The announcement was lauded by Simplygon executives, who said, “Throughout our journey, we’ve been laser focused on helping developers push the boundaries of 3D. From our early days delivering advanced level-of-detail solutions, to the adoption of Simplygon SDK by most leading AAA game development studios, and our more recent expansion into enterprise AR/VR, Simplygon has made automatic 3D data-optimization increasingly more accessible to developers. Our next challenge is 3D For Everyone, the ultimate accessibility! We’re thrilled to join forces with Microsoft to make this happen.”

Microsoft’s decidedly high-end and very niche Surface Studio, along with HoloLens and Windows Holographic, illustrate how important it is to the company that Windows 10 the best operating system for creative professionals. By purchasing Simplygon, Microsoft only further demonstrates that it is taking its “3D for Everyone” mantra quite seriously.

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