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Microsoft "emulates" Windows 10 with a new demo site for potential customers

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Though Windows 10 is hitting it’s one-year anniversary this July, and is a free upgrade to “genuine” Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers, many consumers still haven’t taken the Windows 10 plunge. Why? The whole Windows 8 Start Screen fiasco may be the culprit, not to mention that Windows 7 is still a darn fine platform.

To help convince consumers to switch, Microsoft has launched a cool online portal that provides the Windows 10 experience without actually installing the software. Visitors can check out the new operating system on an emulated PC, a tablet, and a smartphone. The latter two are definitely important given that Microsoft is pushing to expand the Windows 10 “one platform to rule them all’ experience across multiple form factors.

Actually, using the word “emulator” is probably a bit misleading even though Microsoft uses that term in the new site’s URL. The portal actually plays host to recorded demonstrations, so you’re not actually using Windows 10 in an emulated environment. That said, visitors simply click on a topic, sit back, and watch a pre-recorded demonstration (video) of the topic at hand.

In the PC portion, there are eleven topics to choose from. Under the “Work across my devices” topic you’ll find videos showing how users can easily move between devices, open files from any device, play music and movies, and more.

In one demo, “Watch movies and stay connected,” located in the phone section, Microsoft demonstrates how to connect a Windows 10 phone to an HDTV and use it like a miniature computer, complete with full mouse and keyboard support. This is accomplished through Windows 10’s built-in Continuum feature and the Microsoft Display Dock that adds mouse, keyboard, and external monitor connectivity. Thus, while watching a movie on the big screen, users can still send a text or search the web on their (tethered) phone. Pretty cool.

Of course, along with the library of demos, Microsoft offers a “Shop Now” button on the new “emulator” website that takes potential customers to a list of 46 Windows 10 devices spanning tablets, 2-in-1 form factors, laptops, all-in-one devices, gaming PCs (laptops), and phones.

If you have a Windows device and previously hesitated on upgrading to Windows 10, now is a good time to do so. Not only is the update still free, but Microsoft is getting ready to unleash a big “Anniversary” update this summer that adds even more cool features to the new platform – for free! Until then, take a tour of Windows 10 on Microsoft’s new demo site and see why you should take the upgrade plunge today.

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