Microsoft is your not so secret Santa with Surface Pro 3 gifts, Asus Transformer Book Flip discount

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Convincing PC enthusiasts to buy more gear after a slew of uber-attractive Black Friday promotions and the biggest shopping day of the year is no easy feat, but Microsoft wants to play Santa. The company will gift you a coupon code and sleeve with every Surface Pro 3 purchase, plus a $200 discount on the Asus Transformer Book Flip.

Tempted to max out yet another credit card? We’re morally obliged to warn you of the consequences, and… support your recklessness. The free sleeve Surface Pro 3 selection is quite hefty, and lets you save between $30 and $50.

The cheapest protective accessories come from Snugg, and are available in a range of leather shades, from magenta to black. The priciest is a Maroo black leather folio, and in between you can score a complimentary Brenthaven Collins, Incipio Roosevelt, Incipio Ronin or Hex cover.

Whatever your sleeve and Surface Pro 3 configuration choice, there’s also a free $100 promo code to be had. Remember, the 12-inch “laptop replacement” starts at $799 with Intel Core i3 power and 64GB storage, and goes all the way up to $1,949 in an i7/512GB variation. With the coupon, you can lower the retail costs of a compatible type cover/keyboard to just $30.

Looking for a decent albeit inferior level of versatility, and don’t mind settling for a humdrum Core i3 system with a 500GB HDD and 5-hour battery? The entry-level Asus Transformer Book Flip (model number TP500LA) is $299 today-only.

While supplies last, of course, so don’t act too surprised if the deal ends at the crack of dawn. After all, typically the Transformer Book Flip costs $499, so you’re looking at $200 savings here. Otherwise put, 40 percent off the convertible laptop’s list price. That’s massive, even by Cyber Monday standards.

Even better, the Flip model on sale at online and offline Microsoft stores is a Signature Edition, i.e. a system clean of junkware and third-party trialware, but loaded with “world-class security software”. Do you believe in Santa now?

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