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Microsoft will let you turn in your old Surface for a new one, every 18 months

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends
So, maybe you have your eyes on that new Microsoft Surface Laptop with its pretty burgundy Alcantara fabric. Or, maybe you have your heart set on a new Surface Pro because it is so light and powerful. The only problem: they are a bit too expensive. Fortunately, Microsoft just announced a new Surface Plus purchase program that might be able to help.

The Surface Plus program — along with its business-oriented sibling, Surface Plus for Business — is basically a no-interest financing deal with some nice perks. Microsoft highlights the new program for students and educators, but as far as we can tell it is a good fit for any Surface customer.

There are some credit requirements, of course, but if you qualify then Microsoft will sell you a new Surface machine with a 24-month no-interest payment plan. As with all such financing deals, there is a hefty finance charge of 20 percent if you do not pay it off during the 24 months.

What makes the Surface Plus program a bit different is that you can upgrade to a new Surface machine after 18 months. That means turning in your functional Surface and signing up for a new 24-month payment plan, but it does provide some flexibility for people who like to keep up with the latest technology. Here is how the upgrade process works, taken from the Surface Plus terms and conditions:

  • First, starting at month 18, you must enter into a new 24-month finance agreement under the Surface Plus program.
  • Then, you must turn in your original device bundle within the allotted time using a prepaid shipping label. Everything must be in good working order with no more than ordinary wear and tear.
  • If the devices are accepted, then Microsoft will pay off the remaining balance of the 24-month finance agreement and you’ll receive your new Surface bundle under the new agreement.

Additional benefits from Surface Plus include dedicated service and support through the Microsoft Store and the option to add in a Microsoft Complete extended service plan. Of course, all of the usual Microsoft Store benefits such as a 30-day return policy and free Surface training and health checks also apply.

If you are a business customer, then Microsoft also has its Surface Plan for Business. Here are the highlights of that version of the program:

  • Business customers can add an unlimited number of machines to a single agreement and mix-and-match machines.
  • The Surface Hub 55-inch is available along with the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Studio.
  • An Office 365 for Business subscription can be added to the plan for $8.25 per user per month.
  • Business customers have more flexibility, including 18, 24, and 30-month period and the ability to upgrade after only 12 months of a 24-month plan and 18 months on the 30-month plan.
  • Microsoft Complete for Business is included.

You can sign up for the Surface Plus program at any Microsoft Store. Or, you can enroll for the program here, and get that new Surface you always wanted without the need to lay down so much cash.

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