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KING 5 is the first broadcaster to own Microsoft’s Surface Hub

king 5 microsoft surface hub studio
Despite being announced more than a year ago, delays caused the ship date of Microsoft’s Surface Hub to slip into early 2016. Now, these large-scale touch-enabled devices are finally starting to be distributed, and Seattle NBC affiliate KING 5 is one of the first organizations to introduce the Hub into its headquarters.

The massive 84-inch display will be an integral element of broadcasts from the station’s brand-new TV studio and newsroom, located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. KING 5 is thought to be the very first broadcaster to start using the technology, which will make its debut in today’s news reports.

While Microsoft introduced the Surface Hub as a device for businesses to use in the meeting room, it seems the hardware can be used for plenty more than just that. The Hub uses a specialized version of Windows 10, which means that developers can create tailored software for individual usage cases.

KING 5 will be using the Surface Hub’s maps and Internet capabilities according to a Microsoft spokesperson quoted by WinBeta. It’s also set to be used as a direct link between anchors in the studio and reporters out in the field, although it’s unclear whether Microsoft’s Skype service will be used for this purpose.

Microsoft will likely have had no illusions about the Hub reaching the same levels of mainstream usage as other products in the Surface line. However, the fact that it’s being adopted beyond the expected enterprise market will certainly be received as good news, perhaps opening up further opportunities for expansion in the future.

Despite losing some of its luster as a result of delays and a significant price hike, a little more time in the oven seems to have made the Surface Hub a more appealing prospect. More information on the device is available via its official product page on the Microsoft website.

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