Surface Hub, Microsoft’s $9,000 wall-mounted touchscreen, is delayed yet again

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Waiting for the Surface Hub? Get ready to wait even longer.

If you’ve been waiting for the Surface Hub, grab another magazine in the waiting room. The expected January 2016 release is not happening — instead you can expect the wall-mounted all-in-one touchscreen to ship sometime “early next year.”

And it’s not just a delay: there’s going to be a price increase as well. The 55-inch Surface Hub, announced at $6,999 will now cost $8,999. The gargantuan 84-inch model will cost $21,999 instead of the previously announced $18,999.

While those who pre-ordered the device will also have to keep waiting, Microsoft says the original price they paid will be honored.

Why the increase in prices? Microsoft said it’s because the company is “finalizing our manufacturing plan with a view towards delivering the best product experience.”

“After evaluating the market opportunity and considering the unique collaboration scenarios Surface Hub offers, we believe these are the right prices to drive the business and the category forward,” a Microsoft representative told ZDNet.

As for the delay in shipment, it’s only the most recent. Last January the device was originally announced for a September 1 release, but that didn’t happen. Eventually a new date was announced: January of 2016. The new, more nebulous “early 2016” announcement doesn’t give Microsoft a hard deadline, though a company official did tell ZDNet the device will ship in the first quarter.

The idea behind the giant touch screen is collaboration: people can gather around the large screen and work on things together. It will feature 4th-generation Intel Core processors, a variety of sensors, and two built-in HD cameras. In addition to the touchscreen, there’s support for HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth devices. A specifically designed version of Windows 10 that’s “tailored for group use” will power the devices. Microsoft is still taking pre-orders, but at this point waiting might be prudent.

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