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The votes are in! Here are the seven finalists in the Windows Insider T-shirt contest

microsoft tshirt design contest windows insider t shirt
A few months ago, Microsoft called upon the Windows Insider population to create a cool new logo for a T-shirt. There’s no real reward for landing the design, other than it will be seen on T-shirts sold globally through Microsoft’s online store. Even more, the winner and four finalists will receive a winning T-shirt signed by the Windows and Devices Group boss himself, Terry Myerson.

That said, the deadline to submit a design has long passed, and now it’s time to vote on the final seven designs right here. To vote, simply click on your favorite design (it will be highlighted by a green check mark), and then hit the submit button. You can’t really tell what design is in the lead, so the winner is anybody’s guess at this point.

When Microsoft opened up the Windows Insider T-Shirt Design Competition, the company wanted a design that “captured the spirit and excitement” of the program. Artists had to somehow incorporate the great features of the Windows Insider Program, such as testing new builds of Windows 10, checking out new features, and being part of a community of fans and tech enthusiasts.

Additionally, the design had to feature one of the official Windows logos provided by Microsoft. Designers could use just the symbol, or the symbol along with text. That text needed to include “Windows Insider Program” or “Windows Insiders” or “Windows Insider.” No photography or third-party design elements were allowed.

“Note that judges will select the winning design based on three criteria: effective communication of WIP benefits (40%); creativity (40%) and design quality (20%),” stated Microsoft’s rules.

The rules also stated that the winning design may be modified to comply with Microsoft branding guidelines, and that the T-shirt will be manufactured and produced by a third party to be sold on Microsoft’s online store. The artist essentially signs off his/her rights of the design to Microsoft and the third party, and will have no claim against either company.

According to Microsoft, the winner and four finalists of the contest cannot trade in the signed T-shirt for money or merchandise. The T-shirt actually has a retail value of $20, so expect that price tag when it goes on sale after the final design is chosen. While you might think that participants in the Windows Insider Program would get a free T-shirt for their dedication and input, but then again, that’s a lot of $20 T-shirts to hand out.

Speaking of Windows Insider, Dona Sarkar and her team have cranked out a few cumulative updates to participants in the Fast Ring over the last week, indicating that Insiders may already have the RTM build of Anniversary Update just days before the “retail” version is expected to roll out to the masses on August 2. Actually, that would be a good day to wear the new T-shirt around town.

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