Microsoft Unveils Notebook Mice, LifeCams

Microsoft Unveils Notebook Mice, LifeCams

There’s new evidence Microsoft’s hardware group has been working hard, since the company has just taken the wraps off three new notebook mice—all wireless and one with 1 GB of built-in flash memory—and two new LifCams designed to enable video sharing capabilities.

First up: the Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and the Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000. The Bluetooth NoteBook Mouse 5000 connects to systems using Bluetooth wireless technology, and offers High Definition Laser Technology an LED battery indicator, on/off button, and up to three months of battery life. The BlueTooth NoteBook Mouse 5000 comes with a carrying case, and will be available in October for a suggested price of $49.95. Meanwhile, the Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 using proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless technology to connect to systems, has one-click access to Windows Vista’s Flip 3D window-flipping feature, and up to six months of use on a single battery. Expect to see it in September for $49.95.

Next, if you’ve ever wondered why you’re carting around a separate mouse and thumb drive for your notebook computer, Microsoft’s Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 might be for you. The Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 has 1 GB of onboard flash memory that users can use to transport important files and media, and runs off a rechargeable AAA battery which can operate the mouse for up to three weeks. The Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 uses either a proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless connection or Bluetooth, offers a three-in-one transceiver which enables users to use the wireless mouse, access the flash storage, and recharge the mouse all using a single USB port. The Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 uses a magnetic recharging system with a cord that connects magnetically to the transceiver and the underside of the mouse—users can keep working while the mouse is charging. Expect to see the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 in October for a suggested price of $99.95.

Last but not least, Redmond is expanding its line of LifeCam products with the LifeCam VX-7000 for desktop computers and the LifeCam NX-3000 for notebooks. Both cameras attach to users’ displays and integrate with Windows Live Messenger and offer one-touch blogging to Windows Live Spaces. The VX-7000 offers a 2 megapixel camera (capable of 7.6 megapixel interpolated still images), a unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation, a 71° tilt lens, and an LED which reminds users when the camera is in use. The NX-3000 is a VGA resolution camera (640 by 480 pixels) with a status LED, swivel lens, and a carrying case. Both LifeCams will be available this month, with the VX-7000 carrying a suggested price of $99.95, and the NX-3000 being offered for $59.99.

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