Microsoft Will Not Patch Newest XP Virus

A new XP patch is being released today, but users infected with the Alureon rootkit malware will need to look elsewhere for help.

The BBC is reporting that Microsoft’s newest patch will recognize an infected system and stop installation to avoid a potential crash of the system caused by rootkit malware. The patch is designed to strengthen the system kernel, which could help prevent the malware from taking hold, but computers that are already infected may crash if the update is completely installed.

Rootkits are a form of malware that buries themsleves deep inside of Windows operating systems.  They then quietly collects user information, passwords, credit card numbers and allows hackers a backdoor into the infected user’s computer. The Alureon malware first appeared in 2008 and can be spread via forums, hacked websites and fraudulent pay websites.

Microsoft faced a similar problem in February when an XP patch caused several users that had infected systems to crash. The software giant is also hoping to avoid making users afraid to update in case of potential crashes.

Microsoft is suggesting that you download their malware removal tools or use a third party malware removal if you suspect your computer is infected.

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