Motion Brings Aero to Tablet PCs

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Motion Computing has announced its new LE1700 tablet PCs, which support Motion’s exclusive WriteTouch dual mode input technology, which automatically switches between writing and touch input modes. Motion also says the LE1700s are the first tablet PCs to support Windows Vista’s Aero Glass enhanced user interface—and they’ve got the specs to back it up, with Core 2 Duo processors, a 12.1-inch SXGA+ (1,400 by 1,050 pixel) display, and support for up to 4 GB of RAM.

“The LE1700 is another good example of Motion’s penchant for choosing the relevant and innovative technologies to help our vertical industry customers do their jobs better and more efficiently,” said Tony Bonadero, Motion’s vice president of product management in a release. “Productivity, mobility and security go hand-in-hand and are paramount to the technology decisions mobile professionals make, so we’ll continue to focus on integrating the right technologies to support truly mobile workflows—from WriteTouch for flexibility of input, to WWAN for staying connected regardless of location, to data protection via ComputraceComplete and DataGuard.”

The LE1700 is available with either an Intel Core Solo processor running at 1.2 Ghz or a Core 2 Duo running at 1.5 Ghz; 30 and 60 GB hard drives are available, and the systems ship with a minimum of 512 MB RAM, upgradable to 4 GB. The units support Bluetooth and 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi wireless networking, gigabit Ethernet, and optional Novatel ES720 WWAN connectivity for on-the-go data exchange—in theory, it should be able to access any 3G/HSDPA mobile broadband service. The units sports two USB 2.0 ports, VGI and a DVI-D custom connector for hooking up to an external display, in IrDA port, an SD slot, a type II PCMCIA slot, plus an integrated fingerprint reader and trusted platform module.

The LE1700WT integrates MOtion’s WriteTouch technology, which enables automatic switching between touch and writing modes on the integrated display. Using WriteTouch, users can use a pen for entering signatures, data, drawings, and converting handwriting into text, while being able to use a fingertip to click buttons, drag-and-drop, and take advantage of Windows Vista “flick gestures” to navigate Web sites and button-driven applications.

Pricing for the LE1700 with Intel Core Solo processor starts at $1,999; pricing for the Core Duo configurations starts at $2,199. Both units are available now. Motion Computing also offers a range of peripherals, including convertible keyboards, docking stations, CD/DVD drives, digitizer pens, cases, and more.