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Share encrypted files via Mozilla’s Firefox Send, a free file-sharing service

Firefox Send Website Screenshot

A new and free file-transfer service offers users the ability to send encrypted files with expiring links, as well as a number of other personal data safety features.

Software developer Mozilla recently announced via a blog post that its new encrypted file-sharing service, called Firefox Send, has finally “graduated” from its former beta status.

Firefox Send is primarily a web-based service that will allow users to send encrypted files free of charge. Users can expect to be able to adjust the following types of security controls when opting to use Firefox Send: Whether or not the link to your file will expire, the addition of an optional password, and the use of a limited number of file downloads.

Firefox Send reportedly allows the transfer of large files as well. Users without a free Firefox account will be able to send files up to 1 GB in size. Those with accounts are allowed to send files with sizes up to 2.5 GB

For those on the receiving end of Firefox Send file transfers, Mozilla assures that a Firefox account is not necessary to access files shared via its new file-transfer services. Recipients should be sent links to access transferred files.

And while Mozilla’s free encrypted file transfer service is sure to be another helpful web-based tool, as the The Verge notes, caution should still be exercised when using services like Firefox Send. Just because you’ve enabled all of its possible security features doesn’t mean you’ve eliminated all of the risk. After all, most of the risk comes from the fact that you’ve shared it in the first place, and people can still quickly duplicate and save your files long before your link expires. It’s just as important that you trust the recipient, as well your chosen file-transfer service, when you are sending files to someone else.

Firefox Send’s file-transfer service is currently offered via its own website,, and should be accessible through any browser.

It’s also worth mentioning that Mozilla is planning to release a mobile app version of Firefox Send later this week. This beta app will only be available for Android devices, however.

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